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Flood Insurance in Connecticut

If you ever experience flooding in your home, a flood insurance policy will cover any losses as a result to both your personal belongings and the structure of your home. We offer flood insurance coverage here at Trahan Insurance Agency LLC in Griswold, CT.

Flood Insurance Requirements

Your lender will require you to obtain flood insurance if you have a mortgage in the state of Connecticut. If you are not paying a mortgage, you are not legally required to purchase flood insurance.

Flood Insurance Coverage

So what does flood insurance cover? By purchasing a flood insurance policy, both your personal belongings and home will remain protected.

There are also some things that aren’t covered by flood insurance. Flood insurance covers any loss that was the direct result of flooding. Flooding is defined as an excessive amount of water on land that's typically dry and impacts at least two acres of land or at least two properties.

For instance, damage that was the result of a sewer backup is not the direct result of flooding. Therefore, it is not covered under a flood insurance policy.

We Are Here To Help

To obtain a quote for flood insurance, give us a call here at Trahan Insurance Agency LLC. We are located in Griswold, CT.