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Surprising Things Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance

You know your homeowner’s policy covers your home’s structure and your possessions. However, some things are covered that may surprise you. At Trahan Insurance Agency LLC in Griswold, CT, we offer homeowner’s policies to meet your needs. 

Spoiled Food 

Groceries can be expensive. If you have a power outage, you may have to toss everything in your fridge. Your homeowner’s policy will cover the cost of these food items so you can restock your fridge. 

Falling Meteors 

Meteors falling from the sky is probably low on your list of worries, but it does happen occasionally. You can rest assured that if a meteor or other falling object hits your home, your policy will cover the repair or replacement of your home. This coverage includes satellites, meteors, and even airplanes. 

Damaged Outbuildings

Your homeowner’s policy doesn’t just cover your home. It also provides coverage for any other structures on your property. This includes sheds, barns, and outbuildings. You’ll have the money to repair or replace them if they are damaged. 

Wild Animals 

Your homeowner’s insurance won’t help if your dog eats your furniture. However, this is covered if a bear breaks in and damages your home. Your policy may have exceptions for common pests, like rats and squirrels, but damage from wild animals is generally covered. 

Hotel Costs 

If a covered event damages your home and you can’t live in it until it’s repaired, your homeowner’s policy will cover your living expenses. This includes hotel costs or rent and food expenses.  

Homeowner’s Insurance at Trahan Insurance Agency LLC

If you are looking for homeowner’s insurance in Griswold, CT, contact Trahan Insurance Agency LLC. Our experienced agents will help you select a policy that meets your needs. 

Home Insurance in 2024: FAQs

Understanding the Importance of Home Insurance in 2024 with Trahan Insurance Agency LLC

Your home represents more than just a shelter—it’s more than likely the most substantial investment you’ve made in life. As such, finding ways to protect it is paramount. Securing home insurance is one of the best ways to ensure your home’s protection. If you are contemplating purchasing home insurance in 2024, we’ve answered some of the most common questions you may have:

Why is Home Insurance Crucial in 2024?

Firstly, most lenders necessitate homeowners to have suitable home insurance. However, it’s essential not to overlook the fact that accidents and unexpected events can occur at any time. An adequate home insurance policy is vital to maintaining peace of mind and preventing unnecessary future expenses.

Do You Need to Review Your Insurance Policy?

Yes, indeed. Any changes made to your home should prompt an insurance policy review. This is especially important when renewing your policy.

How Much Home Insurance Do You Need?

The amount of home insurance required depends on multiple factors. However, the primary rule for home insurance in 2024 is ensuring you have sufficient coverage to rebuild your home completely during a disaster.

Where Can You Find Home Insurance in 2024?

Trahan Insurance Agency LLC can provide the home insurance you need if you’re a homeowner in Griswold, CT, or any neighboring area. Our Connecticut-based agency specializes in various types of insurance, and our team of insurance experts will help you find the perfect policy to protect your valuable home in 2024.

Getting your Connecticut home ready for winter

Winters can be quite cold and snowy in Connecticut. Preparing your home to face these weather conditions is important to your home’s safety. At Trahan Insurance Agency LLC in Griswold, CT, we have a team with almost 70 years of insurance experience, and as an independent insurance agency, we are able to better serve our customers with more choices and the best rates. 

Getting your Connecticut home ready for winter

Clear the leaves

Connecticut is a state with a lot of trees. We have wonderful foliage in the fall, but that leads to yards, driveways, sidewalks, and gutters filled with leaves. They are not nearly as attractive off the trees as on. Gutters need to be kept clear to avoid causing damage to the roof. On the sidewalk and driveway, leaves are a slip-and-fall hazard, especially if they get wet, which in Connecticut is inevitable. 

Tune up the snow blower

Making sure that your snowblower is operational is important. Depending on what type of snow blower you have, the tune-up will involve different things. Make sure that it starts up at the very least. 

Get the furnace cleaned

Having a clean furnace is proactive and can help to make sure that when it gets cold out, you will have the heat you need. While you are at it, get the chimney cleaned as well. 

Get some sand and salt

Having sand and salt on hand to treat the walkways and driveways helps to protect you, your family, and anyone who visits. 

Check batteries

Check the battery backup in your smoke detectors and your carbon monoxide detectors. Every year people die from carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a preventable hazard. 

Consult With Us

When you are ready to change insurance agents or your carrier or are just looking for personalized service, we are here for you at Trahan Insurance Agency LLC in Griswold, CT.

When would it be a good idea to shop for home insurance?

Being appropriately covered with insurance is a necessity. A very important form of insurance all people in the Griswold, CT area need to consider getting is home insurance. With the right coverage, you can protect your dwelling and mitigate your personal liability risks. There are various scenarios when it can make sense to start shopping for a new home insurance plan. 

When Buying a New Home

A great time to start looking for a new home insurance policy is when you are going to buy a new home. Your home is a very valuable asset and investment and ensuring you have the right insurance is extremely important. When you take out a  mortgage, your lender will also need to know that you have coverage. Because of this, you should start looking for home insurance as you go through the home-buying and closing process.

When Looking for Other Options

Even if you already have a home insurance plan today, it does not mean you shouldn’t look for another policy. There are various options when it comes to selecting a new home insurance plan. Accordingly, it would be a good idea to shop around on occasion and see what options you have. Not only could you save some money, but you may also receive additional coverage through a new plan. 

We Are Here To Help

There is never a bad time to assess your home insurance needs. Whether you are looking to buy a new home or would like to evaluate your options in the Griswold, CT area, you should call our team with Trahan Insurance Agency LLC. When you work with our team at Trahan Insurance Agency LLC, you can get all of the help necessary to build a proper plan that will meet your needs. 

Is it Time to Update Your Home Insurance Policy?

Homeowners in Griswold, CT and the surrounding area rely on the team at Trahan Insurance Agency LLC for all of their homeowners’ policies. If you’re wondering if it’s time for you to upgrade your policy, we’re here to help. Give us a call or come by our office today.

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home Policy

If you’ve owned your home for quite some time, and you’re like most people, you probably just renew your home policy year after year without looking at it too closely. This behavior, while understandable, can lead you to a situation where your policy no longer meets your insurance needs.

One of the main changes that could require an upgrade to your policy is an increase in your home’s value. As your home appreciates in value, your insurance needs also increase. You’ll want to make sure that you have adequate protection for your home at today’s value, not the value at the time of purchase.

Another sign that you need to upgrade your policy is that you’ve completed one or more major improvement projects. If you’ve added a garage to your property or have fully renovated your kitchen, it’s time to give your current home policy a closer look. This proactive approach will help prevent you from a situation where you experience a covered event, but the level of coverage you have is inadequate.

We’re to help with all of your insurance needs!

Residents of Griswold, CT can turn to the friendly folks at Trahan Insurance Agency LLC for all of their insurance needs. Whether you have questions about your home policy or another type of insurance, we’re here for you. Give us a call or stop by today. We look forward to seeing you soon!

What should property owners think about when getting home insurance in Connecticut?

Owning a home has continued to be a good investment for people throughout the state of Connecticut. Anyone who is living in the Griswold, CT area will want to know that they have obtained proper insurance for their home. As you are looking to purchase a home, there are various factors to think about as you are selecting a new home insurance policy. 


One factor to think about when you are looking for a home insurance policy in this area is if you have any requirements. It is very common for property owners to have basic home insurance requirements. If you are living in a home association or have taken out a mortgage, you undoubtedly will have home insurance requirements. It is very important to ensure you are meeting these requirements so you can stay in good standing with such agreements, which can avoid penalization. 

Coverage Levels

You should also consider your coverage level. It is important to consider the costs that it will take to rebuild your dwelling, cover your personal assets, and offset your personal liability risks. When you are shopping for a new home insurance plan, you need to take these factors into consideration and ensure you have the appropriate level of coverage. This can ensure you have support and provide you with peace of mind. 

Reach Out To Us

Choosing the right home insurance plan is always a good idea for those that are in the Griswold, CT area. As you are looking to build a new insurance policy in this area, it would be ideal to call our team with Trahan Insurance Agency LLC. Our insurance team with Trahan Insurance Agency LLC can ensure you are able to understand your options and select a policy that is ideal for your situation. 

How To Protect Your Home From Pests This Summer

There’s a lot that goes into protecting your home. Some threats to your home can’t be detected by a security system. Each year homeowners face expensive damage caused by pests. These pest threats are most significant during the spring and summer. You need to be aware of how to protect your home from these threats. Here at Trahan Insurance Agency LLC, serving the greater Griswold, CT region, and the surrounding areas, we want to help you protect your home.

These are some ways to protect your home from pests this summer:

Get An Inspection 

If you haven’t had your home inspected by a professional pest control specialist in a while, you should consider doing this. These professionals can uncover pest infestations early on. Early intervention can help you avoid some of the expensive damage that can be caused by pests. 

Keep Lawns Well Maintained 

Many pest problems are really a result of poor maintenance in some other aspects of the home, such as the lawn. Allowing grass or underbrush to get overgrown will encourage the colonization of certain types of pests such as ants and termites. 

Keep Your Home Clean 

Other pests are often attracted to accumulated trash or clutter. For instance, cock roaches are often attracted to cardboard boxes and paper. When items such as these are allowed to accumulate, it can result in pest issues. 

Keep Standing Water At a Minimum 

Standing water will attract many different types of harmful insects, including mosquitos. Mosquitos will not necessarily cause damage to your home, but they can be harmful to people and pets on your property. 

Reach Out To Us

If you would like to learn more about protecting your home and insurance services, please contact us at Trahan Insurance Agency LLC, serving Griswold, CT and the surrounding areas.