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Four common misconceptions about auto insurance

At Trahan Insurance Agency LLC, we offer auto insurance coverage to motorists in Griswold, CT. When you’re in the market for insurance coverage, it’s important for you to be well-informed. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions consumers frequently have about auto insurance.

Here are four common misconceptions about auto insurance to be aware of:

An auto insurance policy covers the policyholder for breakdowns that occur because of mechanical problems.

Auto insurance coverage is essential because it protects motorists against liability expenses and can include collision coverage that pays for repairs after an accident.

However, it’s important for motorists to realize that auto insurance won’t cover mechanical repair needs. 

The color of your vehicle impacts how much your insurance costs.

There is a long-held belief that red cars are more expensive to insure than cars of other colors. The truth is that the color of your vehicle has no impact on your insurance coverage and costs whatsoever. 

Your auto insurance policy will cover you for customizations.

Your auto insurance covers you for the value of your vehicle at the time that you bought your auto insurance policy.

If your vehicle’s value has increased because you’ve invested in customization, your policy won’t cover you for any resulting increase in vehicle value until you update your policy. That’s why it’s always important to let your insurance provider know when you’ve had your vehicle altered or customized in some way. 

It’s not worthwhile to buy collision and comprehensive coverage for an older vehicle.

Some people assume that they should drop collision and comprehensive coverage once their vehicle starts to get old. Yet collision and comprehensive coverage can be valuable even on older vehicles since they can cover repair costs and thereby allow you to keep using your older vehicle longer. 

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Auto insurance add-ons to consider

Basic auto insurance is what you get to meet the minimum state requirements. There are lots of other options for you to consider adding on to make your auto insurance meet your particular needs. At Trahan Insurance Agency LLC in Griswold, CT, we will work with you to make sure you have all the coverage you need. 

The required coverage in Connecticut is liability of 25/50/25 and uninsured/underinsured motorist of 25/50. The liability is $25,000 for the first person injured with a total of $50,000 and $25,000 for property damage. The uninsured/underinsured is also for one person and all people coverage. 

Auto Insurance Add-ons


Collision coverage repairs or replaces your vehicle if you are involved in an accident and are the responsible driver. It will also cover you if you are the victim of a hit-and-run or are in a one-person accident. 


Comprehensive coverage is known as non-collision, however, it does cover collision with a tree branch if it is blown onto your vehicle. It also covers damage due to hail and flooding. If your vehicle is stolen or vandalized, this is the coverage that will help to repair or replace it. It also covers the glass on your vehicle but with a deductible. 

Gap coverage

Gap coverage is the insurance that makes up the gap between what the value of your car is and what you owe on your car loan. Cars depreciate as soon as they leave the dealer lot, so it can save you from ending up in the red. 

Total glass

With total glass coverage, your car glass can be replaced without any deductible. 

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What auto insurance does Connecticut legally require?

In every US state, drivers must carry auto insurance. Instead of setting the requirement for auto insurance at the national level, in the US, each state sets its own auto insurance requirements. The state of Connecticut requires drivers to carry auto insurance that provides liability coverage for physical damage to the vehicle and physical or mental injury to the person traveling in the vehicle.

Connecticut Motor Vehicle Insurance Requirements

The liability coverage that the state requires – 25/50/25 – only provides coverage that protects the other drivers on the road. The bodily injury coverage provides $25,000 of coverage per person per accident, while the $50,000 figure refers to the total amount of bodily injury coverage for all individuals per accident. The third figure represents the $25,000 of personal property coverage required by the state.

The state lets you increase your auto coverage beyond those required minimums, but you cannot legally drive on its roads without meeting those minimums. It’s a good idea to carry more than the required liability insurance since many auto accidents can quickly cause you to exceed your coverage. When that happens, you pay out of pocket for the remaining bills or court settlement.

Enhancing Your Auto Insurance Coverage

You don’t have to accept only a minimum amount of coverage for your vehicle parked in Griswold, CT. Trahan Insurance Agency LLC offers many ways to improve the coverage you purchase, such as comprehensive and collision, which are not legally mandated. Both collision and comprehensive coverage pay for repairs to your automobile, whether they occur in a single-vehicle accident or a multiple-vehicle accident that you or another individual caused.

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Contact Trahan Insurance Agency LLC today for automobile insurance to cover your vehicle parked in Griswold, CT. Let us help you obtain the vehicle coverage you need to protect your financial security.

What coverage comes with auto insurance in Connecticut?

For people living in the Griswold, CT area, having a car insurance plan in place at all times is very important. This type of insurance tends to be required for anyone that owns a car. You will need it to drive legally, and most auto lenders require you to maintain full coverage.

There are various types of insurance coverage that can come with an auto plan in this part of Connecticut:

Liability Insurance

A form of coverage that all people in this state need to have for their car is liability insurance. When you have this type of coverage, it will provide support in the event you are liable for an accident. This will ensure you have the financial resources needed to pay for damages.  It can also keep you in good standing with the state law, which requires this coverage.

Comprehensive Insurance

For many car owners, it is also a good idea to get comprehensive insurance. When you have a full comprehensive plan, it will provide you with support for your vehicle in the event it is damaged or stolen. This type of coverage is required for those with auto loans and is a good idea to get if you have a car that would be expensive to replace. You should also be strategic when selecting a deductible limit. 

We Can Help

It is necessary for Griswold, CT residents to obtain appropriate auto insurance coverage. If you’re searching for the right plan, our team at Trahan Insurance Agency LLC is here to help. Our experienced professionals at Trahan Insurance Agency LLC understand the significance of having adequate auto insurance and will guide you through the process of developing a policy that meets your unique needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you build your next plan. 

The Essential Car Maintenance Checklist

Are you looking for car maintenance tips in Griswold, CT? Good idea! Maintaining your car instead of buying a new one can help you to save a lot of money over the long run.

Here are a few tips from Trahan Insurance Agency LLC on how to keep your car in tip-top shape:

The Essential Car Maintenance Checklist

1. Check Liquids

Oil, coolant, and brake fluid levels need to be adequate, or your car may begin to malfunction.

Low oil can lead to high gas prices, low coolant can cause your car to overheat, and low brake fluid could cause a brake failure. 

2. Air Filter

Your air filter needs regular replacements so that you have a steady supply of fresh air for passengers. If you’ve been in areas prone to pollution, you may want to change your air filter more frequently.

3. Battery

Discoloration, leaks, loose wires, and signs of corrosion can indicate that your battery needs to be replaced, or that you are overcharging it.

4. Tires 

Regularly check the air pressure and the tread on your tires to determine if you need a new set of tires.

5. Brake Lights

Have you noticed drivers flashing their lights at you as you pass? You may have a burned-out brake light. Be sure to double-check that your lights are operating correctly so that other drivers know when you intend to stop or change lanes. 

Keep Your Auto Insurance Updated – Reach Out To Us!

If you have an upcoming road trip in the greater Griswold, CT area, use this checklist before you head out. Also, keep your car insurance policy up to date so that you have coverage for your next big adventure! Contact us at Trahan Insurance Agency LLC, and we can help you to get started.