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Four common misconceptions about auto insurance

At Trahan Insurance Agency LLC, we offer auto insurance coverage to motorists in Griswold, CT. When you’re in the market for insurance coverage, it’s important for you to be well-informed. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions consumers frequently have about auto insurance.

Here are four common misconceptions about auto insurance to be aware of:

An auto insurance policy covers the policyholder for breakdowns that occur because of mechanical problems.

Auto insurance coverage is essential because it protects motorists against liability expenses and can include collision coverage that pays for repairs after an accident.

However, it’s important for motorists to realize that auto insurance won’t cover mechanical repair needs. 

The color of your vehicle impacts how much your insurance costs.

There is a long-held belief that red cars are more expensive to insure than cars of other colors. The truth is that the color of your vehicle has no impact on your insurance coverage and costs whatsoever. 

Your auto insurance policy will cover you for customizations.

Your auto insurance covers you for the value of your vehicle at the time that you bought your auto insurance policy.

If your vehicle’s value has increased because you’ve invested in customization, your policy won’t cover you for any resulting increase in vehicle value until you update your policy. That’s why it’s always important to let your insurance provider know when you’ve had your vehicle altered or customized in some way. 

It’s not worthwhile to buy collision and comprehensive coverage for an older vehicle.

Some people assume that they should drop collision and comprehensive coverage once their vehicle starts to get old. Yet collision and comprehensive coverage can be valuable even on older vehicles since they can cover repair costs and thereby allow you to keep using your older vehicle longer. 

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